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Friday, May 1, 2009

When in doubt... Factory it out...

Boy did i have a doozy of a day trying to get some basic tests to pass, after i added some validations to a basic rspec_scaffold. Using the barebones tests, adding the validates_presence_of and a validates_uniqueness_of both borked the test... which was fine, i expected that.

What i didn't expect was that when i commented out both validations, my create test spec method would still work. in essence, it didn't. It could have been something i did, whatever. I fixed the failing tests by simply switching to Factories, instead of fixtures, or whatever the base rspec scaffold would use in a model test.

If you are getting some weird errors, simply try to use factories instead. Try out Factory Girl by Thoughtbot for an example of one that I can say works. haven't tried too hard to get machinist to work yet, but heard good things too.

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