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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rails Template FTW

Boy oh boy, rails templates kick ass. I just made a template that has everything i need to start an user authenticated monthly subscription rspec app.

What's this template got that i ain't got?

Other then charisma and a good sense of style, it has

  • Restful_authentication w/ AASM && will_paginate - creates your User and Session automatically
  • Active_Merchant - sets you up for adding monthly subscription code
  • Subdomain_fu - allows for easy account creation with subdomains.
  • Testing: Rspec, Cucumber, machinist, faker, factory_girl too
  • rspec scaffold an account model to begin your journey

Rails templates are good to get you going but they are just a starting point, you still need to add certain bits of code to make stuff work, like
require 'aasm'
to your config/environment.rb file.

How to Rock the Template

Type the following into your console
rails -m app_name_here -d postgresql
Remember that the code above will create a postgres based rails app, so supply whatever DB flag you want, mysql, couchdb etc, and replace app_name_here with whatever you want to call you app.

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