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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Upcoming update to Theme support plugin

I'm updating the theme support plugin to work with 2.3.2 now. jystewart has done a tonne of work with it, but his plugin doesn't yet use the helpers, which my version does.

We'll either combine forks or go our separate ways depending on how things play out, so stay tuned!!!

Here is the theme support repo on github. Follow the fork link to jystewart's if interested.

UPDATE - Use jystewart's github theme support for 2.3.2 and mine for 2.2.2 rails app

For some stupid reason the core guys flip flopped on a code insertion that screwed up 2.2.2 and I had to fix it so that the helpers worked in rails 2.2.2.

However, now that they reverted to code from 2.1.2 in 2.3.2, the old helper methods, which the jystewart version didn't touch, work fine. So rather then mess with it, it's easier just to use jystwart's version.

Lastly, in rails 3.0 i think it will revert again, so stay tuned.

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