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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

30 days of Rails Series - Introduction

Well here i am. I've taken a good look at what i need out of my life, computeristically speaking, and have decided that I am going to sink even more effort into learning Ruby on Rails, the one true and just framework, praise be unto him.

Thirty Days of Rails.. WTF?

What I've decided to do is document, a post a day for a month, about what i've learned in my rails journey from today moving forward.

I will focus on rails methodologies, techniques, optimization strategies, and anything else that i end up learning.

What the 30 days of Rails isn't...

This isn't a beginners class. I won't explain myself as indepth as I would, had I started from scratch. I'm starting with a loose grasp of rails knowledge obtained from a year and a half of using the framework. That means, i know how to do shit, but i want to learn MORE so that i can create apps trouble-free from here on out. Since I've made it my journey, I will pass these tidbits on to you, the gentle reader.

So let's see where this thing ends up. I take it that I'll probably end up with a lot of posts regarding TDD/BDD testing as i know sweet fuck all about it,however, I will post what i do find out, hoping it helps someone down the road.

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