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Friday, June 26, 2009

30 days of Rails - Model Associations

You've picked the perfect model names for you new app, but you are unsure when to use a has many :through association or should it be a has and belongs to many association? Or should it be a simple many to many association. Wait, what about has_one and what the hell is a polymorphic anyways?

Well at this point in the game, you may understand what each of the Model Associations do, when you branch out from the basics, or don't use them for awhile, you end up forgetting when and where to use them.

In an effort to streamline the decision of when to use the various Model Associations available in your rails app, I've come up with a decision tree app called Model Association Decider. This decision tree will help you decide when to use a model association in rails. So use this app to determine which association you should use. Model Association Decider

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