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Saturday, January 10, 2009

passenger and the case of the non-redirecting account. -solved cause i'm dumb.......

Let me explain what is going on here. In my code I want the user to create an account (from and then, upon successful creation of the account, I want them to redirect to the new account's url, at say

Redirect doesn't happen in Production

I'm using Passenger and Apache on a ubuntu server.

On my dev box: Mongrel from the rails app, the usual script/server stuff

So on dev, it works fine. I get redirect with reckless abandon.

In production, a different story. I get the following error (using safari, yet to try with other browsers...).Safari can’t connect to the server.
Safari can’t open the page “” because it could not connect to the server “”.

Why me? I should say, I can type my new url into the browser, no problem. it works fine, but it's not what I want my user's to have to do.

Did you solve this?

Embarrassingly I had a link to localhost:3000 as my redirect. Ignore this post. it's left as a reminder when i get too fucking cocky.... as a mark on my pride.

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