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Friday, July 10, 2009

superclass mismatch for class ModelExampleGroup - Solved

If you have been pulling your dick hair out, like i was, i thought i'd post this here, while i'm still in a rage.


When you are running cucumber features, you get the following shit:
cucumber features
superclass mismatch for class ModelExampleGroup (TypeError)...

At first, i commented out the remarkable line in environment.rb. I have no idea what this gem does, And i don't want to know. Hell, I only put it there because of a railscast i think, but this gem is fucking me up, so, again, i commented it out of the environment.rb file and everyone is happy. Good riddance.


I just installed remarkable-rails instead. i guess the README in the github repo says how to do it. I've not gotten the error since.

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