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Friday, February 6, 2009

My list of items to finish before the big launch.

I just thought i'd post the items that i need to finish before i launch. As i cross each one off of the list, i'll report back on how i tackled each problem. Some answers may take a whole post.

The List

  • figure out up to 7 day activation period for Accounts. Not a free trial but You have up to 7 days to activate.

  • add site for sale area.
  • Completed Ranks. Moderator roles is a feature i'll add later.
    Add forum roles to forum and make extendible if needed.

  • add user google adsense code section.

  • When new plugins are added, I'll need to create an instantiator based on the menu items the user has selected. #how to handle old members based on a new plugin being added? How do other sites handle it?

  • add body[:url] to mailer based on the current url they are on.

  • look into using AASM which creates a state for the accounts based on the presence of profile_id and then the current status of the user, as taken from paypal. (Users can cancel a monthly subscription on paypal, i need to know who is doing what)

Some of this shit may not make sense to you, however you will be able to tweek it to your exact situation.

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