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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Theme Support plugin update for Rails 2.2

Commentary: This plugin always has to be updated after every version of a rails upgrade? I don't know why that is however? Perhaps it's the most unluckiest of plugins? carma? something... but like a trooper, it keeps on licking and ticking.

If you are using theme support and have recently upgraded your app to 2.2, you'll need to fix this plugin before you get anywhere. luckily jystewart from github has patched the plugin to work with 2.2. from what i see it may even fix it for a while, so that finally we won't have to keep patching this thing.



  1. Thanks for the mention. I'm definitely hoping there'll be time soon to polish up my changes and make sure they're well covered with tests.

    Anyone using my code should note that unlike the main theme_support plugin, this one expects the 'layouts' folder to be within 'views' as it would be in your app/views folder

  2. Thanks again jystewart. Jy for short. In my version i just cut and paste'd the two commits from github that you thankfully figured out, into my exisiting plugin. Once the dust settles, I'll fully upgrade to your version.